Cruzin Chef Don's Caribbean Shrimp Kabobs

This month, Chef Don takes us for dive down the western Caribbean Seas with one of best dishes - The Caribbean Shrimp Kabobs. Here is his secret recipe crafted with you in mind - Enjoy!

Caribbean Shrimp Kabobs


  1. Raw deveined shrimp 1lbs.

  2. Red onion 1 large

  3. Red , Yellow , Green Bell pepper 1 each

  4. Button head Mushrooms 1 lbs

  5. Cherry Tomatoes ½ lbs

  6. Pineapple 1 large can ( reserve liquid for marinade)

  7. Lime juice 1 cup

  8. Rum 1 cup

  9. Bamboo Skewers 1 bag


  1. Soak skewers in water so as not to burn

  2. Dice peppers and onion into bite size pieces

  3. Take all ingredients and start sliding them onto the soaked skewers alternating ingredients

  4. Place completed Kabobs into a deep pan for marinating

  5. Mix pineapple juice, lime juice and Rum and pour over Kabobs

  6. Marinate a minimum of 30 minutes

  7. Cook over medium heat grill until done. ( shrimp will turn white and plump)

  8. Once on grill season to your liking ( salt, pepper, cajun, jerk etc.)

  9. Turn at least once to cook completely and also obtain grill marks

You can serve with this dish with a nice Rice dish and fruit salad!

- Cruzin' Chef Don

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