All projects have a theme in mind;  either a full frame off restoration to its original factory condition or a resto-mod type build that updates or modernizes the look and drive. Some of the benefits of modernization is dependability and most importantly, safety. Braking, suspension drivetrain all are common upgrades and all have their specific benefits and functions. Let us help you choose the best options for your project.

  • Frame off Restoration

  • Brake Upgrade

  • Engine Swaps

  • Custom Headers / Exhaust

  • Custom Chassis 

  • Fuel Injection Upgrade

  • Suspension Upgrade 

  • Custom Wiring 

  • Custom Sheet Metal

  • Cad Designing

  • Rust Repair

                & Much more ​than we can list

Custom Headers and Exhaust

Fabrication is one of our most special features! Our unique

approach adds hands-on metal fabrication which starts with raw materials that are converted to high quality pieces.  

Metal Fabrication
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We are experienced with aluminum and steel fabrication. We produce top level results for our clients by creating a solid foundation to start from.

Transmission Crossmembers
Trailing Arms an Crossmembers


IFS’s seven-step repair process ensures your vehicle is inspected and repaired by detailed oriented mechanics, whose priority is getting you back on the road safely.

Our team works side-by-side with you to complete a free computerized estimate and accurately assess any damage before we begin making repairs.

Mechnical and AC repair

Through Modern Technology we can design your projects and bring them to life from concept to reality.